When like minds come together amazing things can happen, and that's exactly what's on the agenda for tomorrow's virtual DeFi App App Conference.

With 56 of the worlds brightest and foremost minds in DeFi, this thought-provoking conference is sure to have plenty of valuable takeaways, discussions, and insights for attendees.

Yield Farming and DeFi Strategies

Sigmadex Co-Founder Peter Danihel will sharing his thoughts and perspective on Yield Farming and DeFi Strategies joined by Shimon Newman (Ratio Protocol), Samiar Tehrani (Ratio Protocol), and Chester Bella (ETHA LEND) so be sure to tune in!

The discussions kicks off tomorrow May 28, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST 3:30 PM PST.

You can register for this conference HERE.

The Future of DeFi

DeFi is a compelling and exciting world that had drawn in people from all across the globe with the shared interest and passion for approachable, accessible, and most importantly decentralized financial space. The future of this space is being written day by day thanks to conferences like this one and the dedicated individuals who are involved.

It's no secret that DeFi has exploded with interest, and of course, value.

Within the last year the DeFi space has seen $64.639B (USD) of value flood into the space according to DeFi Pulse, even including the most recent dip (nearly 40B between May 11, 2021 - May 23, 2021). It's clear that there is still plenty of promise for a recovery and possible all time high as the market shakes loose projects that sort-lived longevity.

The future looks promising for DeFi as we look forward to this fantastic conference, and the valuable knowledge to be gained from such brilliant minds.

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