Making real impact in DeFi requires strategy, technical know-how and a network of like-minded and passionate individuals working collaboratively towards a common goal. By working alongside SkyVision Capital the Sigma Labs team has created a synergy dedicated to invoking change to Decentralized Finance through the Sigmadex and SigmaFi protocols.

Sigma Labs is poised for rapid expansion and will help augment new possibilities in every facet of the current and future DeFi landscape. With this overarching goal in mind we are proud to be working with SkyVision Capital and to share this vision collectively.

"The team at SVC has been an invaluable addition to our roster of working venture partners. With excitement we look toward 2022 and appreciate the goals we will achieve together."

- Roland Haggins, Co-Founder

The SkyVision Capital team are some of the sharpest and most capable individuals in any industry. Their combined experience and expertise has created extensive brand awareness throughout DeFi and towards the growth of  decentralized technology. With a diversified roster of lawyers, financial analysts, strategists and entrepreneurs, the team at SkyVision are a powerhouse that we are honored to work alongside.

About SkyVision Capital

SkyVision Capital (SVC) was founded with a mission to promote and further unique decentralized innovations. SVC is connected to some of the biggest players in crypto and has a track record of overcoming barriers allowing portfolio organizations to succeed. ‚ÄčThe SVC team is dedicated to incubating and investing in founders of tomorrow, today.

About Sigma Labs

Sigma Labs is developing an open-source, self-stabilizing, community-driven, and game theory-enhanced liquidity protocol built on Avalanche. Designed to attract liquidity from the masses, the team is dedicated to developing and aligning incentives between users to create the ideal trading and crypto investing experience. It eliminates the requirement for having to trust any intermediaries, prioritizes decentralization, and is governed by the community.