When the Sigmadex team first set out on developing our unique game theory infused protocol we wanted to introduce something to the space that would have real longevity among a sea of short-lived projects. With longevity at the core of our concept, we are happy to be working with Moon Inc.

Together with Moon Inc we are able to collectively involve the best partners for achieving our vision. Navigating towards the best course for the launch of Sigmadex, Moon Inc contributes heavily to support the decisions put forward for ensuring mass appeal from day 1. Their team has a reputation of being highly selective in choosing only a select few partners which makes us even more contented with our working relationship. By gaining access to the many contacts and solutions Moon Inc has we are confident for the future.

Moon Inc has been assisting Sigmadex with a number of important milestones, both forward facing as well as behind the scenes as our expansion progresses specifically regarding capital connections, partnerships, integration, as well as marketing and business development efforts.

"Moon Inc has a clear vision when it comes to working with projects and we highly respect that. Our vision for DeFi and growth aligns in a way that enables the both of us to capitalize on."

- Roland Haggins, Sigmadex Co-Founder

About Moon Inc

Moon Inc is a global based crypto venture fund focused on fostering the growth and development of unique blockchain projects. With a core foundation built surrounding theory, the investment firm works closely with founders to help in multiple ways beyond capital. Follow Moon Inc on Twitter for latest updates.

About Sigmadex

Sigmadex is an open-source, self-stabilizing, community driven and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol built on Avalanche. Designed to attract liquidity from the masses, Sigmadex is aligning incentives between users to create the ideal trading and crypto investing experience. It eliminates the requirement for having to trust any intermediaries, prioritizes decentralization and is governed by the community.