On the cutting edge of any paradigm shift are passionate and driven individuals coming together to change the world for the better. When it comes to blockchain technology and Web3 startups Hillrise Ventures is at the forefront of guiding emerging companies and projects to make an impact through innovative technologies.

As Web2 is rapidly transitioning to Web3 a vast array of opportunities has presented itself allowing the VC arm of Hillrise Group, Hillrise Ventures to tap into the technological revolution.

Bringing expertise in several areas of business development including advisory, strategic introductions and community strategy, the Sigmadex team is excited to collaborate with the experienced team at Hillrise Ventures.

Creating Real Change

Hillrise Ventures is deeply connected to the DeFi space with a hands on approach in supporting projects that exist in Web3. Sigmadex finds a natural synergy with Hillrise as well as a shared vision for the future of Web3 and the many projects that will strengthen and develop this industry.

Although DeFi and Web3 have been around for some time we are still in the beginning stages and as time moves on the progress and expansion will continue to scale and evolve into something new. With decentralization at the core of financial infrastructure and information, change will emerge with help by the efforts of Hillrise Ventures and its passionate portfolio organizations - paving the way for a decentralized world.

"The Hillrise team has a real connection within our industry and the projects they are involved with. As leaders their laser-focused approach coupled with their ability to execute lead us to a natural partnership."

- Roland Haggins, Co-Founder Sigmadex

About Hillrise Ventures

Hillrise Ventures is a unique crypto fund which took the to lead to create the paradigm shift from Web2 into the blockchain-enabled future of Web3 and protocols of tomorrow. With an approach that is flexible, long term, multi-stage and global - Hillrise often becomes involved at the infancy stages of formation and helps support its portfolio with additional capital over time.

About Sigmadex

Sigmadex is an open-source, self-stabilizing, community-driven, and game theory-enhanced liquidity protocol built on Avalanche. Designed to attract liquidity from the masses, Sigmadex is aligning incentives between users to create the ideal trading and crypto investing experience. It eliminates the requirement for having to trust any intermediaries, prioritizes decentralization, and is governed by the community.