Why Claim sSDEX?

sSDEX is essentially free money in the future. Individuals who possess sSDEX will be able to use it on the SigmaFi platform when live.

What is the cost?

There is no fee for claiming sSDEX other than standard gas fees on the Avalanche network. The average cost to claim as of 10/29/2022 is currently pennies (0.11 at time of writing). You can check live gas fee rates on SnowTrace here.

What do I get for referring somebody?

For every person that makes a claim with your referral link, you receive an additional 10 sSDEX with no maximum limit. If you refer 100 people, you would get 1,000 additional sSDEX in your wallet!

How do I claim it?

Before claiming sSDEX you will need to ensure you have a couple of things:

  • 🦊 MetaMask browser extension
  • ⛽ Gas (in form of AVAX)

Once you have these, ensure you are connected to the Avalanche C-Chain network in the MetaMask network settings. If the network doesn't appear by default, you may check here for the official RPC details and adding the network to your MetaMask extension.

After you have MetaMask installed and connected to the Avalanche C-Chain network, you have to acquire a small amount of AVAX for gas fees. 1 AVAX at the time of writing is $18 USD and therefore less than 0.01 AVAX will suffice for claiming. If you are new to crypto and need to purchase AVAX, we recommend using Binance.

Once you have AVAX in your wallet you may go to the claim page and press the "Connect Wallet" button to see if you qualify for a standard claim or referral claim. Head on over to the Official Sigmadex website and find the "Claim sSDEX" as shown above on the homepage to access your wallet.


After entering the claim app, you will see a button like the above image to connect your wallet using MetaMask.

This specific wallet connected above is eligible to claim 50 sSDEX but requires a referral link to do so. If you see this message you will have to ask somebody who has already made a claim for their referral link in order to get your sSDEX.

When you locate a valid referral link you will see the "Claim Tokens" button enabled and can proceed with the claim.

After clicking the button you can proceed to interact with MetaMask to complete and confirm the transaction as shown above.

You will see a Confirming transaction popup after you've confirmed the transaction. MetaMask will then interact with the smart contract and notify you once the process has been completed.

Your sSDEX will be credited to your wallet after receiving a successful confirmation from the blockchain.

A successful claim will populate the sSDEX Balance. If you want to refer others to earn more sSDEX, click your Referral Link to copy it to your clipboard and send that to anybody!

Just the beginning

Our claim drop is just the beginning for Sigmadex as we roll out our plans for the future including the release of numerous DeFi products. Our team has worked diligently to find new and exciting ways of creating the best possible DeFi ecosystem for years to come.

Check out our articles on the SDEX Feedback Loop and SigmaFi where we outline the inner workings of how our protocol functions to learn the unique advantages that make Sigmadex and SigmaFi so special.