Re-engineering the technology that establishes trust between people, institutions and governments—leading to adequate transparency, accountability and fairness in agreements across society at large is a big undertaking. This is why Sigmadex has created an informal roadmap for reaching its proposed milestones.


Governance Forum - The Sigmadex Governance forum is a required tool for openly discussing parameter changes, obtaining feedback and adding new feature sets.

Snapshot Portal - The Snapshot interface is vital for casting votes and obtaining feedback from the community by using SDEX tokens. By allowing the community to create proposals and participate in the voting process, proper variables for stabilization will surface.

Parameter Generation Event - Official initial parameters will be applied to all SDEX related smart contracts in preparation for the Sigmadex launch and liquidity injection for the SDEX native token.

sSDEX Claim Events - Multiple claim drop events enabled for holders of AVAX and potentially more partnerships to be released at a later date. If you possess these assets prior to a snapshot date you will be able to claim sSDEX proportionate to the amount of claim drop token in your wallet. The sSDEX will be held against a penalty curve that matures 12 months after launch.

NFT Genesis Event - 3 multi use utility NFTs with no expiry date will be available for minting through an auction contract. Their use cases will differentiate from one another and each have a unique modifier that will change the way certain pools distribute assets.

LP Farming Pools - Stake various partner LP tokens in Smart Contract pools with attractive yield rates vested against the Sigma Curve. Bonus utility NFTs can be obtained for committing to longer contracts.

Contribution Vaults - Existing pre-sale contributors will be assigned a vault with their designated SDEX tokens which are vested against the Sigma Curve. The vault allows existing contributors to withdraw their tokens based on the parameters set by the Sigma Curve.

Liberty Pool Launch - Parameter override NFTs attached to the Liberty Pool Smart Contract in conjunction with staking SDEX yields higher rewards relative to staked amount.

NFT Claim Events - The claiming of NFTs will be made available with exclusive partners by staking SDEX and their related tokens.


Revenue Generation - Swapping, lending and other core components for generating protocol revenue will be integrated into the Sigmadex architecture for further token sustainability.

Impermanent Loss Pool Integration - ILP Smart Contracts will hold assets to offset impermanent losses for highly liquid pairs. Pools are filled through accrued penalties from negative actors.

Penalty Pool Integration - PP Smart Contracts are designed to collect and proxy a portion of forfeited assets when a user decides to withdraw their liquidity prior to the maturity of their original contract.

DAMM Integration - The Sigmadex Dynamic Automated Market Maker with liquidity concentration uses an implied volatility feed which will drive the balancing of liquidity pools.

Sigma Labs - Grants and incubation program to further innovate DeFi and game theory using existing Sigmadex technologies and Smart Contracts.