The Sigmadex Token Generation Event (TGE) is one of our primary focuses for the second quarter of 2021. The overall strategy and approach is currently being evaluated with our internal team to ensure the most advantageous results. We are under pressure to deliver in several aspects, making it critical to adapt to the rapidly changing crypto landscape. Absurdly high Ethereum gas prices, delays in the Polkadot ecosystem, saturations within the IDO market, and dropping volumes have forced us to redesign our strategy for the highest precision.

Making proper decisions which benefit the initial project supporters, future project supporters and the foundation itself is a necessity to the long term success of the Sigmadex Protocol and Foundation.

Sigmadex, being a capital heavy liquidity protocol, requires strong backers, partners, liquidity providers and venture capitalists to gain a significant market share.

Unlike many projects launched in the past 5 months, Sigmadex has been crafted to be a growth/adoption driven project. The token economics have been designed in a way to reflect an appropriate and fair valuation for future growth as development is on-going.

We are fortunate to have formed a very reputable and knowledgeable team assembled from multiple successful crypto projects such as Ankr, Orion Protocol, Manta Network, Raven Protocol and many others.

Focusing on What Matters

We believe the critical elements to the success of our project that matter the most are the following:

  • Liquidity
  • Volume
  • Security
  • Native Token Utility
  • Partnerships/Integrations

In the coming weeks we will be announcing several strategic contribution partners, our connections to numerous blockchain and DeFi projects as well as multiple integration partners.


We are still anticipating a Q2 event provided certain assets and relationships are able to come together. Pursuing the best option for our TGE is top priority as we only have one chance to launch. We propose the following features to be released in parallel:

  • Deployments of Audited Smart Contracts
    -ERC20 and BEP20 Token Contracts
    -Public Farming Pool Contracts
    -Token Bridge Contract
  • NFT Public Farming Event
  • BSC/ETH SDEX Token Bridge
  • Centralized Exchange Listing
  • Multi-Chain Liquidity Injection

If you are one of the few who were fortunate enough to secure an early allocation and do not believe in our strategic launch philosophy, you may request a return of your contribution by emailing us at