Over the past few months we have been witness to the dramatic changes taking place within the crypto market. It is our job to ensure that our strategy for Sigmadex adapts in tandem with these changes to ensure the best outcome for our community and the development of the project. Therefore we are making necessary amendments to our proposed timeline to reflect these changes.

Sigmadex Launch Amendment 🙋

After careful consideration, we decided it would be wise to push our TGE date. With the Q2 market remaining in poor condition it is in the best interest of our project to remain in development and focus on a token generation event in the near future. This will allot us additional time to build a larger community and infrastructure to support our vision of being a leader in DeFi.

Sigmadex has the power to make a massive global impact within the crypto space. Our success isn’t dependent on trends or hype but rather on the understanding of the project and the passion of our community and contributors.

Although the market has changed, our dedication to Sigmadex has not. We are still working to formulate sufficient staking incentives, securing a top-tier launch partnership, execute thorough security audits, solidify initial liquidity providers and drive real substance to the token.

Our team is dedicated to building Sigmadex to stand the test of time across any market condition. We firmly believe that the Sigmadex protocol’s genuine utility will allow our project to withstand the ups and downs of the market as it continues to grow. The importance of launching with the right infrastructure built as well as timing is critical; we have seen too many projects launch over the recent months only to attempt to ride the hype then plummet shortly thereafter.

The current state of the market 🎢

The current market is over-saturated with tokens that serve very little purpose. These assets have minimal to no utility and thankfully SDEX is not one of them.

Sigmadex is a new concept with features that have never been implemented before within decentralized finance. Since our team is dedicated to developing a long-term product we are working towards establishing a brand you can rely on for years to come. We are not developing Sigmadex to follow in the same footsteps of other projects that were rushed to market with inflated hype only to lose traction and eventually to fizzle out in a matter of months. We are methodically strategizing the best possible scenario where our launch can make the most impact. Rushing a product’s development means more risk and a potentially lower quality product. A quality project that reflects our core values is what we intend to launch for our community.

What we are currently working on 🤓

The Sigmadex development team is currently focused on multiple aspects of the protocol.

  • Time locked liquidity provisioning smart contracts with early withdraw penalties that automatically distributes proportional rewards, rebalances liquidity pools and adjusts total supply.
  • Dynamic AMM which utilizes an onchain oracle to calculate price volaltity from standard deviation and rebalances the price elasticity of liquidity pools.
  • Post token generation event smart contracts for farming and earning additional yield.

Supportive Community 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Throughout the changes that have taken place to the market over the past few months our community has shown us support like never before. We appreciate your expression concerning the timing of the Sigmadex launch and the current state of the market. Many of our community members have contacted us sharing their opinions on the best course forward. We are thrilled to have such a passionate and involved community behind us who genuinely show their concern for Sigmadex and want the best for the project.

Moving forward 🚀

This is one of the first steps in our road-map to push forward a big shift in the blockchain space. We are also incredibly grateful to have the support of our partners on our voyage to build a secure, well balanced, and decentralized financial ecosystem.

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