With the help of a wide variety of reputable crypto venture capitalists from around the globe, Sigmadex has successfully closed the fundraising rounds in anticipation of the further development of the Sigmadex Liquidity Protocol.

Our team is happy to be working with so many valuable backers who are equally as driven and passionate about decentralization. It’s through this shared passion that we are able to bring to life a unique and impactful protocol that will provide a stable foundation of liquidity the DeFi world so desperately needs.

World-leading Blockchain Partners, Visionaries & Institutions

Sigmadex is backed by multiple highly influential blockchain partners and cryptocurrency-focused venture capitalists, law firms, and blockchain media networks with notable contributors in the ecosystem. Other contributors include LD Capital, GBV, PNYX Ventures, NGC Ventures, Rarestone Capital, 3Commas, Spark Digital Capital, Genblock Capital, GD10 Ventures, Shima Capital, One Block Capital, Signal Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Tenzor Capital and NetZero.

Growth Focused

In addition to the development of the protocol, the funding will be used to continue to grow the Sigmadex team globally, investing our efforts further into the DeFi space, Avalanche and BSC ecosystem. By focusing on scalability and building multiple utility elements into our native token, Sigmadex has the opportunity to attract a global community which will further benefit its protocol in the long term.

We feel the world is driving towards DeFi and decentralization faster than ever. The COVID-19 global pandemic has created a surge of newly printed currency by governments in an effort to prop up economies from collapsing as a band-aid fix. History has shown this is by no means a suitable long-term solution and is one reason among many for the Sigmadex Protocol’s existence. By ensuring a foundation of locked-in liquidity, a more stable system can emerge that benefits DeFi as a whole that is not flawed by control lying within the hands of a single entity and instead lies in the hands of it's community.

Global Capital

Sigmadex strategically ingested capital from multiple regions around the globe to attract and reach international support. This procedure has enabled us to set a footprint in all 7 continents giving us the initial support needed to achieve visibility across the world.

Community Driven

It is only through true community governance that a purely transparent democratic financial system can emerge that works in tandem with those at the heart of the ecosystem itself.

We would like to thank everyone who has expressed interest in the Sigmadex Liquidity Protocol up until this point. We couldn’t create this ecosystem without your passion and involvement.

Liquidity Provisioning

Further incentives and rewards will be put into place for providing the preliminary liquidity on the Sigmadex Protocol. Additionally, over the next coming weeks we intend on networking with the most reputable liquidity providers to propel Sigmadex directly into the big leagues when it comes to its TVL.

Moving Forward

TGE is up next on our roadmap. We have opened conversations with notable names in order to coordinate a successful Sigmadex Token Generation Event.

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