With numerous decentralized finance incentives, utility based NFTs, community governance, and its dynamic automated market maker architecture Sigmadex is set to make a significant impact in the DeFi industry. As we move closer to our TGE let's take a moment to look ahead at a proposed timeline for the development of Sigmadex over the next few years.

Protocol Highlights

Infused with game theory, Sigmadex stands alone as a liquidity protocol that creates an ecosystem specifically built to address the many issues that plague the current state of DeFi. Tackling these problems with proactive solutions is something the team at Sigmadex strives towards as we create alternative outcomes for the future of Decentralized Finance.

Liquidity providing and DeFi Incentives
Locking up liquidity on Sigmadex yields numerous DeFi incentives, including APY rewards, penalty pool rewards, transaction fees and more.

DAMM - Dynamic Automated Market Maker
Dynamically concentrating liquidity during low expected volatility to increase capital efficiency during periods of high expected volatility to reduce chances of impermanent loss.

NFT Farming
The farming of powerful NFT's for use on the Sigmadex platform will be available post TGE. These NFT's will have various uses, including overriding specific functions of the Sigmadex protocol further gamifying the protocol.

The Future of Sigmadex

A proposed timeline for the future of Sigmadex features a number of exciting phases and developments which are shown below.

Q4 2021 - Genesis Pre-Launch

Token Launch Partnership

  • The team is establishing functional relationships with several exchanges in order to solidify the right launch partnership for our TGE. Creating these partnerships is an essential component to the success of our project. A CEX listing is a priority for maximum liquidity and a low barrier of entry for obtaining the SDEX token.

Introducing Protocol Governance Polls

Voting on initial parameters:

  • Interest rates
  • Penalty rates
  • Minimum and maximum stake length
  • Inflation target
  • Reward multipliers

NFT Farming Event

  • Early protocol adopters will have the opportunity to farm a limited amount of NFTs for use with Sigmadex V1+. These powerful tokens have the capability to override the standard parameters of the penalty/reward system and can provide holders with valuable benefits that can only be activated with specific NFTs.
  • Behind the scenes, the legal structure of Sigmadex is being solidified as we move forward, ensuring we are compliant with best business practices.

Updated Lightpaper

  • Updates will be made to the Sigmadex Lightpaper to reflect the latest developments made to the Sigmadex protocol.

Q1 2022 - Megabase V1

Time Locked Liquidity Contracts

  • Ability to lock up tokens and provide liquidity while earning interest.
  • Penalties distributed between burn tokens, replenish liquidity pools, or reward consistent long-term stakers.

Elastic Token Supply

  • Token supply dynamically increases when rewards are claimed and decreases when penalties are given.
  • Automatic burn events to prevent hyperinflation.
  • Restake multiplier for incentivizing continous liquidity provisioning.

Reward Pool

  • Unstake liquidity after term expires.
  • Bonus APY for keeping tokens staked for entire duration.

Security Audits

  • Certik
  • Halborn
  • In-house

Q2 - Q3 2022 - Terabase V2

Open Source Code Base

  • Sigmadex will publish its open source code base for its swapping engine.

Dynamic Liquidity Concentration via Implied Volatility Oracle

  • Using a native DAMM, Sigmadex will integrate an implied volatility oracle to balance the various liquidity pools in the protocol.

Impermanent Loss Protection

  • Pool integrated into the distribution mechanics of the protocol to mitigate impermanent loss.
  • Dynamic transaction fee integration.

DAO Governance Structure

  • Enable community members to call for voting on specific upgrades, modifications, or parameter changes.


  • Developer guide
  • Public API

Honorbox Bridging Architecture

2023 Superbase V3

Substrate Deployment

  • Rust implementation
  • Cross-chain capabilities


With so many important milestones ahead, the team at Sigmadex are eager to further the journey toward the completion of all of the events mentioned in our proposed timeline. We believe passionately that the Sigmadex protocol will serve countless people from all over the globe in a new and improved way; One that cannot be found in the current state of DeFi. Come join our community today as we build the future of DeFi together!