Recently we shared a video of a fireside chat where we covered a variety of topics including the transition of our layer 1 protocol, token utility and what lays ahead for the future of Sigmadex. Our goal for this chat was to broadly capture everything happening behind the scenes and share as much information as possible.

We want to thank our community for their unwavering support, patience and understanding in regards to the development of Sigmadex. In a rapidly changing landscape like crypto, choosing the best path forward can often be a challenge with varying outcomes and potential consequences. Committing to technical solutions too early in the process is a risk that can come with serious repercussions, especially when that decision is made too hastily. Time is one of the most important factors in the decision making process of everything that goes on behind the scenes at Sigmadex. Our careful and calculated approach has lead us to a place of complete confidence in the future of our company. In only a few short months there has been significant changes in the crypto landscape which offers new possibilities for Sigmadex, our TGE and the future of the protocol.

TGE Timeline

Our official timeline for the Sigmadex TGE starts now and we estimate a roadmap extending over a 45 to 60 day period as we coordinate the completion of four key go to market components. These are as follows:

Component Completion Rate
Marketing & Brand Awareness Campaign 10%
Layer 1 Partnership & Migration 90%
Token Foundation Layer 70%
CEX Cooperation 95%

While we are eager to share a confirmed date with our community and supporters, we must work towards completing these components at a ferocious pace. Once each item is at 100% we have the capability of listing almost immediately. Our marketing campaign is actively being worked on - in the coming weeks and over the Holidays you will see a considerable amount of excitement surrounding our growth and awareness of Sigmadex!

What to Expect

  • Increase in project and brand awareness
  • Layer 1 transition announcement
  • Sigmadex SEP forum launch
  • Holiday distribution event
  • Staking incentive event
  • DEX/CEX listings

Layer 1

Our initial trajectory for a layer 1 partnership is one of the main reasons for the delays we have endured during the development of Sigmadex. Due to factors outside of our control, our initial progress during the summer months in regards to establishing a definite layer 1 partner became obscured. This unanticipated development lead to our team having to reestablish connections once again under an even tighter timeframe. Unfortunately the reestablished timelines provided to us would simply take too long to manifest and a large scale pivot to a different layer 1 partner was needed.

Currently we have a layer 1 partner which we are eager to share with our community and will be issuing an official announcement in the near future. Although this pivot was unforeseen, it has opened up a wealth of serendipitous possibilities which we are excited to have access to.


We've released a couple of valuable partnership announcements including Chainlink and Pinknode over the previous months and are energetically pursuing additional partnerships with other DeFi players in the space. Over the last few months we have been actively solidifying partnerships and preparing ourselves for mutual announcements during our brand awareness phase. We have over 10 partnerhips in the pipeline and looking to add more to our roster.

Initial Token Utility

The Sigmadex token utility cannot be understated as we believe this aspect is absolutely necessary for a properly functioning crypto ecosystem. With our fusion of game theory and the addition of a penalty pool reward system Sigmadex can emerge as a true ecosystem. Staking incentives and liquidity provisioning programs will be available post TGE to enable the community to take advantage of the SDEX token in numerous ways. Gone are the days of a DEX only being used for swaps, introducing our unique functionality to the industry will ensure continued usage and growth as we initiate new features.


Sigmadex is full steam ahead - we have lofty goals and we continue to hit milestones that help our vision of being an established brand within DeFi.

We understand that our community and supporters have been waiting patiently for our TGE and we intend to deliver an event that is worthy of the Sigmadex branding. The majority of the key components that are required for us to launch are nearly complete which means we are just several short weeks away from going to market.

Since we have already procured our CEX relationships - We have the capability to list on our exchange partners within 5 days notice. Once our marketing and brand awareness campaigns are solidified and launched we would have secured every piece of the puzzle for a successful launch and ongoing prosperity as we look forward to the future.

If you haven't yet had the opportunity to watch the first episode in our fireside chat series please see below for your viewing pleasure: