As we approach our Sigmadex launch event we require genesis variables to be set and looking forward to the community contribution.

We are happy to announce a new forum for the Sigmadex community members. The primary use case will be for intelligent conversation regarding governance and protocol improvements.

"The forum will allow us to facilitate the initial governance off-chain Pre-TGE and on-chain Post-TGE. The valued opinions of the community will be taken into consideration for the initial core parameters."

- Roland Haggins, Sigmadex Co-Founder

The Sigmadex discussion forum will be a hub for the Sigmadex community where they can come together to discuss the varying aspects of the Sigmadex protocol, take part in governance, propose enhancements and notify the development team of any bugs.

Our team built a forum dedicated to the focused discussion of Sigmadex in order to further support the network of individuals who make up the rapidly growing community. With so much planed for the future our team recognized the importance of a discussion forum with inclusiveness at heart. While we have a Telegram chat for our community we wanted to ensure there was an alternate forum for community members to engage with the project. This forum will be strictly dedicated to the protocol itself and the future of its development.

The Sigmadex Forum is a public discussion group focused on governing and enhancing the Sigmadeck protocol.

Forum Rules

Our community rules were created to promote a healthy platform for discussion. We want to ensure that our forum remains on topic and is informative. We will not allow repetitive posting or off topic conversation that does adhere to community standards.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules below:


  • Be kind and open-minded
  • Create relationships with other members
  • Contribute to discussions
  • Heighten your knowledge about the Sigmadex Protocol
  • Ask questions and learn from experience
  • Create engaging content


  • Be afraid to civilly disagree
  • Be mean or attack other people
  • Use inappropriate language
  • Send inappropriate content
  • Advertise other projects
  • Spam irrelevant information
  • Talk about price, speculation or TGE dates
  • Spread false information

Important advice:

• Do NOT share your private keys with anybody ever
• Be careful with DMs (Team WILL NOT message you first)
• Be cautious of anyone asking for funds or private keys


The purpose for the forum is for more in-depth technical discussions on governance, enhancements and fundamentals. There will be no general or off-topic sections, our aim for the forum is strictly dedicated to discussions that further the development and knowledge of Sigmadex.

Moderation will be done by our in house Sigmadex team. This will help with fluidity of conversation and deep rooted knowledge in the subject matter.