The decentralized finance space is always growing yet few people get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. That's why we are hosting our very own YouTube series called Sigmadex DeFi & Crypto Discussions!

Aimed at education

We aim to educate as many people as possible to gain an understanding of the exciting opportunities both DeFi and crypto provide. We'll go into detail on how it all works and how our users can get involved strategically. We are fortunate enough to live during a time where there are financial alternatives not built by banks but rather built by individuals who share a passion for a better way of dealing with finances. These new systems show great promise for the future and are certainly worth talking about.

The Sigmadex DeFi Discussions series will capture compelling and thought-provoking conversations between the multi-faceted web of passionate people that make up the DeFi and cryptocurrency space.

Building a community

We want to include our community in these conversations as we explore the current state of DeFi, cryptocurrency, its future and everything in-between. We plan on talking with our team, crypto venture capitalists, developers and founders to create thought provoking discussions on a variety of topics.

Be sure to stay tuned for the first episode of this series debuting in Q3 2021.