In this article we will be exploring the numerous fundamental indicators recently announced that may trigger the growth of the cryptocurrency market within the upcoming months. Understanding these, we will then uncover the technical indicators that seem to reinforce these potential trends, using both historical data and combinative trends between common blue-chip tokens. Finally, assuming the growth does occur, we will delve into the characteristic requirements trading platforms, mainly DEXs, will have to have in order to provide a seamless and safe marketplace for the masses.

Fundamental Indicators

In regards to fundamental news within the crypto-sphere, October has been a considerably fruitful month. With masses of institutional investors purchasing large sums of blue-chip cryptocurrencies, multi-millionaires like Kevin O’Leary openly stating that he has more capital invested in Bitcoin than he does gold, Walmart already installing 200 out of 8,000 Bitcoin ATMs within their USA facilities, Facebook putting forward $50 million USD on a metaverse taskforce, Twitter allowing payments using Bitcoin, as well as Mastercard and Visa collectively integrating Bitcoin payments within their services, the future is by all means bright for early crypto adopters.

This aggregation of news is important as it represents the most significant sectors of conventional finances and commerce are not only accepting the legitimacy of cryptocurrency, but that they are actively pursuing an integration with this quickly growing marketplace. As each of these businesses have billions worth of users already utilizing their platforms and services on a daily basis, the seamless onboarding of billions of non-crypto users into the blockchain universe seems apparent at this point.

Technical Indicators

Now, with every estimation of the marketplace one must combine fundamentals with technical analysis, namely how the charts tend to behave over time considering past trends. Back in 2017 on the last leg-up of the bull run within November, where for example Ethereum multiplied by nearly a 10x, there was considerable price consolidation beforehand in the month of October. We have similarly seen price consolidation of the main blue-chip cryptocurrencies presently, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano. Suffice it to say that Bitcoin represents the overall health of the crypto-market, as well as the general behavior it illustrates over time.

This behavior mimicking characteristic is solidified when the closely tied blue-chip coins, namely Ethereum and Cardano, amongst others, are representing itself closely to Bitcoin’s price charts. As there is strong symmetry between Bitcoin’s charts in 2017 to the present, as well as strong reinforcement coming from Ethereum and Cardano’s charts, the possibility of a monumental leg-up for this bull run upon the initiation of November seems to be teetering in our favor.

With that said, nobody can predict the market, but rather can only do their due diligence in researching the trends, and from that, making informed estimations at which they can invest strategically upon. However, assuming billions of users do become onboarded into the crypto-marketplace, we will need more than ever highly resilient and performance-savvy marketplaces to facilitate safe and effective trading.

This is where Sigmadex comes into play.

Sigmadex Built to Facilitate Crypto’s Trading Future

While the intricacies of how Sigmadex works is outside the breadth of this article, we will go over the unique benefits Sigmadex provides for a large influx of users coming into the crypto-marketplace.

First, many users will be new to crypto-investing, at which point they will likely require more security protocols integrated into their trading platforms so as to assure that they do not become the recipient of a scam. Sigmadex, through auditable algorithms, have fundamentally solved malicious and manipulative activity within exchanges, namely that of arbitrage, frontrunning, and even the age-old problem of impermanent loss.

Second, a large influx of users means more liquidity will need to be available to ensure the continuity of frictionless trading across the marketplace. Sigmadex’s safer incentivization of providing liquidity will ensure that more liquidity will be injected into their DEX versus any other exchange within the current marketplace; This is to ensure trading will be seamless no matter the number of investors that come into the crypto-space.


As you can see, fundamental and technical analysis is supporting the idea that November of 2021 could be a monumental period for the evolution of cryptocurrency. Upon this theory becoming a reality, Sigmadex will be the DEX of choice for ensuring that new investors will be safe when venturing through the crypto-space, as well as providing a seamless trading environment regardless of the magnitude of new investors onboarding the ecosystem. To learn more about Sigmadex, check out our website. For the savvier mathematical and/or computer science readers, check out our Lightpaper for an in-depth explanation of each of our components whose validity is verified through auditable mathematical models.