Both Sigmadex and SigmaFi play an important role in not only ecosystem stabilization, but work together to create positive synergy for each other.

By using Sigmadex to swap tokens you are essentially guaranteeing that:

  • You will receive the best asset swapping prices and liquidity every time you make a trade
  • You will receive your entire transaction fee back in the form of sSDEX tokens giving you a 0 cost swap 😎
  • You are eligible to receive additional sSDEX rewards for referring other users to swap tokens using Sigmadex

Is Sigmadex a DEX?

Technically no, but its actually lot more. Although it operates very similar to a decentralized exchange where assets can be traded, it is better described as a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem and aggregator which plugs into many DEXs to gather liquidity and pricing data. Our exchange system works to not only provide users the best price when trading an asset, but also also reward them with sSDEX tokens relative to their transaction fees... We are the Robinhood of crypto.

What is SigmaFi?

Think of SigmaFi as a game theory enhanced stabilization mechanism for the entire SDEX ecosystem. This unique gateway we are developing is an evolving series of smart contracts which creates different outcomes to best keep the ecosystem in balance while giving users the ability to further their rewards.

Since Sigmadex reimburses transaction fees in the form of sSDEX, the SigmaFi protocol enables this special asset class to be converted into liquid SDEX by participating in various token vesting strategies which are dynamically driven to even the SDEX playing field.

What is the Sigma SDK?

The developer SDK allows partners and projects to gain access to many valuable data points:

  • Locked liquidity
  • Penalized liquidity
  • Average sSDEX inflation
  • Volume across exchanges
  • Tx fees reimbursed as sSDEX
  • SDEX bought back and burned
  • sSDEX locked in SigmaFi contracts

Further more it enables DEX developers to take advantage of time-locking their native LP tokens and providing further yield to liquidity providers. The SDK is a natural fit for any decentralized exchange as they will be able to offer their users long term benefits while also securing their TVL cost free using SigmaFi yield contracts.

sSDEX Claiming Event

Stay tuned for our claiming event commencing on October 31st to become one of the first users to have access to sSDEX and play around in our constantly growing DeFi ecosystem.


SigmaFi Strategy Contract

These smart contracts enforces penalties or rewards bonded against various mathematical curves relative to time.

SigmaFi Yield Contract

These smart contracts provide sSDEX yield as time progresses for locking liquidity tokens.


NFTs which provide steady yield when locking SDEX tokens.


Represents a single SDEX token in illiquid form.