What is Sigma Academy?

SigmaLabs Academy is your trusted guide in the complex world of decentralised finance. Our academy consists of a number of platforms (in addition to our DeFi Dapps).


These include:

  • The SigmaAcademy Blog where we share important information about our project and provide entry level guidance to evergreen DeFi topics.
  • The SigmaAcademy Social Network: an upcoming facebook-like social platform that allows you to create a profile, publish long form articles in exchange for SDEX, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain exposure as we share your articles widely.

Designed as a comprehensive educational sharing platform, Sigma Academy offers a variety of content that caters to all levels of expertise. From DeFi essentials to complex topics, SigmaLabs Academy equips you with the skills and knowledge to navigate this evolving landscape — learning from others who are incentivised to teach you.

SigmaLabs Academy enhances the DeFi experience by prioritising user education, fostering a sense of community, and maintaining a transparent approach to platform updates.

SigmaLabs Academy serves as an indispensable knowledge hub, streamlining your journey through the world of Decentralised Finance (DeFi)

SigmaLabs Social Network

Preview image of SigmaLabs Academy’s upcoming platform
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SigmaLabs Academy Social Network will become the primary hub of up-to-date DeFi knowledge and opportunities. A platform which allows you to build your personal brand as a DeFi expert.

Education in DeFi

Education is a major barrier to DeFi adoption. We recognised this alongside our major investors, who hold significant market share regarding DeFi tokens and listing/ launching new projects (announcement on a major partner soon, held due to contractual responsibilities).

Sigma Lab’s social network will be our joint outlet for educating new users to onboard with DeFi easily, while providing them easy access to our GamiFied Dapps to “stick” as well as educating them on other interesting opportunities in the DeFi space.

What Sets SigmaLabs Apart

SigmaLabs Academy sets itself apart by focusing exclusively on in-depth articles that serve as comprehensive guides in the DeFi space. The majority of these articles will be freely accessible, while a small proportion being token gated via our underlying SDEX tokens.

Freely accessible articles and tutorials

These will be predominantly educational pieces such as:

  • The Future of DeFi: An In-Depth Prognosis
  • New Dapps and Yield opportunities
  • NFT applications
  • Evolving regulatory landscapes
  • Emerging cryptocurrencies

Each piece is rigorously researched and offers nuanced insights, providing an invaluable resource for those seeking to navigate the complexities of decentralised finance. The community will also be able to publish their own articles, of which, we will provide exposure too.

Token Gated Articles

These articles will be embedded in the context of our new social DeFi network, providing insights into new DeFi and investment opportunities fed to us from the leading venture capitals in the space.

Our Roadmap

SigmaLabs Academy currently exists as an online blog however this will iterated alongside the following steps:

  • Development of a token gated social media platform
  • Video tutorials
  • Reward pool from partners
  • Creator program for contributions


SigmaLabs will evolve into a must-have companion for anyone with a genuine interest in getting the most out of DeFi. As of yet information is scarcely distributed and often led by influencers with vested interests. SigmaLabs is committed to revolutionising the DeFi landscape and attracting new DeFi users to our platform. As part of our strategy to do that, the SigmaAcademy will provide a resource of valuable information to provide users with an easy onboard while bringing them into our emerging and exciting DeFi Hub.

SigmaLabs: Revolutionizing DeFi with gamified products.

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