Over the past month our team has been working hard on solidifying our path into the future. With so many changes and uncertainty in crypto and beyond we've taken a sophisticated approach to our execution.

Development and security has always been a top priority. Additionally, we have been working on the following areas:

Scaling our team

Our team has been operating extremely lean while being efficient with our current liquidity. We have started to add talented resources to ensure we continue to establish our brand and work towards the proper execution for the longevity of our product suite.

Composability focus

Providing unique value for third parties to integrate Sigmadex and SigmaFi is the key to mass adoption. By removing the competitive angle of becoming a DEX only, we are able to attract both crypto organizations and end users to work together for the best outcome.

Updating our core narrative

DEXs are a dime a dozen let alone in a small confined ecosystem. It was mandatory to take the appropriate measures in differentiating Sigmadex from the rest of the pack while also making the necessary pivot and utility of solving real world problems.

Lowering the barrier to entry

We believe a clean and concise user experience is required to onboard the next generation of users into the crypto space. Sigmadex does exactly that by providing a gateway to the best liquidity sources without having to waste time scowering the internet for the most optimal depth and prices. Breaking the barrier of user acquisition by having a protocol that is easy to use and visually appealing will make the switch to Sigmadex attractive to current users also.

Increasing accessibility

sSDEX airdrops across multiple chains will allow everyone to experience SigmaFi and its mathematically inspired and game theory enhanced balancing mechanisms.

Closing the SDEX feedback loop

The SDEX feedback loop is a theoretical framework that aims to solve the plentiful sustainability issues crypto presents us. By focusing on both revenue generation and dynamic incentives, SigmaFi will be able to contribute to sustaining the SDEX ecosystem well into the future.

Preparation for a multi-chain future

Being written in Solidity we have the opportunity to capture a wider audience by expanding SDEX into multiple EVM ecosystems with minor code changes.

  • Fantom
  • BSC
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • Polygon
  • Harmony

Web Site Updates

Both the Sigmadex and SigmaFi websites are being updated to reflect key changes to our joint protocols. Our concentration is now on simplicity and an epic user experience hence our new timeless designs.

We expect our new pages to go live before our claim drop is released at the end of the month.


Progress has been made on all short term development fronts.

Sigma Vault

What's been accomplished:

  • Goerli deployment
  • Algorithm calibration
  • Added withdrawal history
  • Backend now attached to the latest Storybook components

What's remaining:

  • 100x speed test
  • Small graphical adjustments

sSDEX Claim

What's been accomplished:

  • Goerli deployment
  • Referral system
  • Logic testing

What's remaining:

  • Countdown timer
  • Mainnet deployment
  • Multi-chain support


Sigma Labs is continuing to build unique 2 way relationships that will help expand our reach when it comes to capital requirements and integration partnerships. These are 2 critical elements that have to be selected carefully and will enable us to reach our goals of being sustainable as a widely adopted and utilized protocol.