We are excited to announce a compelling addition to the Sigmadex protocol in the public farming of NFTs!

Early protocol adopters will have the opportunity to farm a limited amount of NFTs for use with the Sigmadex Protocol. These powerful tokens have the ability to override the standard parameters of the penalty/reward system and can provide holders with incredibly valuable one off benefits.

As we aim to solidify our TGE, we are happy to provide a glimpse into our proposed NFT public farming event. This affair will commence after our upcoming Token Generation Event in an effort to strengthen excitement, liquidity and token utility.

Value Adding

Sigmadex NFTs can be used on the platform or alternatively sold on the Sigmadex Asset Marketplace. The compelling advantage to NFTs within our ecosystem is that they carry a different value to each individual.

Example A:

Maximum 10% Penalty

As you can see from the example set above, the worthiness of this specific NFT would carry much more value with more capital on the line, making it appealing to individuals who stake larger amounts.

A whale with more capital could strategically take advantage of this NFT by staking huge, earning a large interest sum and have the luxury of being able to remove their entire liquidity contribution at any point with a maximum total penalty of only 10% of their investments total value.

If an individual were to setup a 3 year liquidity commitment earning a 30% interest per year they could potentially pull out 20% after 1 year of locking up liquidity and would only forfeit 10% by pulling out early.

With numerous kinds of NFTs to be farmed the possibilities and strategies to use them are endless.

Utility Focused

We believe in attaching real purpose and digital value into NFTs in addition to the incentives already present on the Sigmadex platform. The injection of these NFT's allow further control to individuals regarding their stake and allow for compelling and exciting opportunities to capitalize in ways the protocol traditionally would not allow. By being creative and formulating strategy, liquidity providers could get the most out of their stake like never before as NFT's give the opportunity for people to play the markets in a whole new way.

How to Participate

Farming pools will occasionally become available for users to acquire these NFTs as its primary use case is to balance the ecosystem as a whole. Once the ecosystem shows signs of imbalance, NFT pools will surface and become available for farming and subsequent future use. The function of each NFT will vary as they become available.

Only a certain amount NFTs will be created and therefore many will be very rare or one time use. The proposed Sigmadex Asset Marketplace will allow for the purchase and sale of NFTs to users within the Sigmadex community.