This month's update will provide our community with an outline of the progress reached over the last month as well as what lays ahead for Sigmadex in the foreseeable future. To start we would like to thank our supportive community as we continue to develop Sigmadex and its various features. Feedback from our community has shown a deep interest in the mechanics of the protocol and overwhelming enthusiasm for the upcoming launch of Sigmadex.

September saw Sigmadex join forces with Chainlink for a seriously powerful integration of Chainlink Keepers and the Chainlink Implied Volatility (IV) Data Feeds. This integration brings forth the ability to create a balanced and responsive market that dynamically updates according to external conditions which helps to mitigate impermanent loss for our users all in real-time. With our algorithms having the ability to dynamically adjust parameters Sigmadex users can benefit from the most accurate portrayal of the market as possible.

Prototyping of this integration into the Sigma Risk Index as well as our Dynamic Automated Market Maker (DAMM) is an important step in ensuring proper market data computation.

Pinknode API Data Feed Integration

We also announced another notable collaboration in September; Sigmadex will be teaming up with Pinknode to allow seamless connectivity into the Polkadot ecosystem.

With interoperability as a core component of the overall structure and purpose for Sigmadex the need for secure, stable and accurate communication is more important than ever. Pinknode contributes as a node-as-a-service solution running nodes on Polkadot Parachains to provide the best possible data points for any and all blockchain queries.

Research and Foundation Documents Made Public

We are excited to be sharing our public documentation behind the various dynamics of the Sigmadex protocol including NFT Theories, DAMM and Penalty Curves. These documents provide an in-depth foray into what drives these concepts including formulas, explanations and conclusions that will help informing members of our community exactly how these mechanisms came to fruition.

On the surface these ideals may seem straight forward to some but there is a significant amount of consideration put into these concepts behind the scenes that we thought we would share with our community.

To access these papers simply follow the links below to our GitHub:

User Experience

We have been working hard developing and fine-tuning the user experience as we prepare to release Sigmadex to the public. Our goal as a foundation is to bring accessibility to all types of individuals (new and experienced) using the latest technology to provide the most robust and gamified liquidity protocol in the space. By creating a proper environment with a low barrier to entry we can welcome traditional finance fans to experience a whole new realm of DeFi.

Open Source

Our team will be publishing code starting Q4 which allows developers from around the globe to piggy-back and contribute towards the continuing development of Sigmadex innovative components. As a foundation we believe that sharing quality technology empowers individuals around the world to pursue their DeFi passion and allows for the ecosystem to continually grow.

TGE Launchpad

Mentioned in our previous monthly recap our team continues to coordinate the upcoming launch of Sigmadex with the best possible platform. Ensuring this part of the process is done delicately and with precision is important for a number of reasons. We intend to do right by our contributors and our community but also for the future longevity of the project itself. There have been far too many projects that rushed their launch only to fade into obscurity a short while later. Early on in the planning phases for Sigmadex permanence and longevity were key factors and continues to be our end goal as we pour continual effort into this critical phase.

Future Partnership Integrations

With multiple inspirational projects in the DeFi space we value connectivity and expansion that strengthens the decentralized finance space and furthers it's development. We are heavily focused on establishing unique partnerships that can equally benefit everyone involved through intelligent integrations. The exploration of new avenues that can make a real impact on the exchange landscape is something that holds great value in our beliefs as a foundation and helps pave the way for unlimited possibility.