We have been working relentlessly the past 2 weeks with a focus on two important areas.

  • The UI library for future efficiency
  • Smart Contract schematics

✅ User Experience Updates

We've been hitting our UI timelines successfully by staying focused and working around the clock.

  • Set up Storybook
  • Button component/variants
  • Input component/variants
  • Global typography
  • Responsive navigation bar/items

The Sigma UI library will eliminate a lot of technical debt moving forward while helping expedite future revisions and upgrades to the protocol. The next 2 weeks UI focus will be on the following items:

  • Layouts
  • Home (Protocol Statistics)
  • Positions
  • Wallet
Sigma Storybook

⌛ Smart Contract Design Updates

Architectural design is ongoing to ensure all logic is understood by developers and auditors. We are preparing the protocol to handle infinite capital, which requires all computational logic to operate to spec while also having safeguards in place as we work towards total decentralization.

The design and workflow elements will expedite not only the development moving forward, but assist all the auditing teams to understand the methodology behind all smart contact functions to ensure appropriate behavior with public interaction.

🛄 sSDEX Claim

We expect to have our claim drop date announced after a public discussion on our forum. This is to ensure we are aligned with the community when it comes to variables surrounding the duration of the event. Actual specifications on distribution amounts, how to participate and the referral system are available on our GitHub at the link below.

GitHub - Sigmadex/sSDEX-Claim: Claiming interface for sSDEX
Claiming interface for sSDEX. Contribute to Sigmadex/sSDEX-Claim development by creating an account on GitHub.