Over the holidays we have accomplished several tasks in preparation for the release of our gamified multi-chain DEX aggregator.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Routing contracts completion
  • Modular multi-chain support
  • Proxy contract testing and QA
  • Vault revisions

February To Do:

  • Ankr RPC integration
  • User experience refinement
  • WalletConnect implementation
  • ELI5 marketing assets

Aside from development, our primary focus has been on expanding internal relationships and developing marketing materials for mass appeal. We believe that achieving sustainable daily active users requires both accessibility and a straightforward marketing strategy that is catered to everyone. As we dig deeper into the business fundamentals of Sigmadex and its DeFi offerings, we're learning that there is indeed a science to achieving proper product-market fit in order to gain widespread adoption.

We have many more exciting plans in store, but we can't share them just yet.

Bear markets provide an ideal time to build things that take time, and we're more determined than ever to reach our goal of creating the ultimate gamified trading experience.

This will be accomplished through the implementation of our priorities and the ongoing improvement of the various Sigma platforms as the industry progresses. There will be more updates to our roadmap and announcements of partnerships throughout this quarter, so keep an eye out.

This is just the start of 2023.