Sigmadex is back in action after diligently working behind the scenes for some time now. As we near the end of the bear market slumber and look ahead to the Bitcoin halving in April 2024, we’re anticipating an exciting future. However, you won’t have to wait long for something good, because that good thing is here, right now.

We’re launching our community appreciation program, The Sigmadex Syndicate, as a token of gratitude for all our amazing supporters who have stood by us through thick and thin over the past two years. Through the Syndicate, all community members will have the opportunity to earn rewards for helping others learn more or navigate issues, providing feedback, or simply engaging in conversation. Our innovative Telegram point system is designed to provide real incentives for you to stay with us and support us as we introduce our unique DeFi protocol to the public!

How the system works — Engage, Ascend, Get Rewarded!

Stay Active in our Telegram Chat:

The more you interact with our Telegram community, the more XP points you will accumulate. Once you’ve earned enough points, you’ll be informed about your upgraded rank! (Please note: merely spamming the chat won’t earn you XP points).

We’ve set up a ten-tier system of progression, each milestone rewards you with a novel title and additional perks. These can range from token rewards, digital assets, exclusive access to events, and whitelist privileges.

You will have the opportunity to rise from being a “Sigma’s Scout” to the prestigious title of “Decadex, the Ultimate Oracle” through consistent activity on Telegram, passing through each tier before reaching the apex.


1: Sigma’s Scout
2: Pi’s Pioneer
3: Rho’s Ranger
4: Epsilon’s Explorer
5: Phi’s Vanguard
6: Gamma’s Guardian
7: Kappa’s Knight
8: Psi’s Paladin
9: Theta’s Champion
10: Decadex, the Ultimate Oracle

Ways to earn additional XP:

Engage in Our Community Events — Weekly Trivia and More: Amplify your XP by participating in Sigmadex events, such as our Weekly Trivia. Not only will these events enhance your ranking within the Sigmadex Syndicate, but they also come with additional SIG token rewards (if you win). Don’t forget to stay updated with our event announcements on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.

Assist the Community: New members who join our community may need guidance or specific information. Lending a helping hand is encouraged and will be rewarded by our moderators.

Get Rewarded: As you ascend to the highest ranks in the Syndicate, a world of exciting opportunities awaits. The first members to achieve the prestigious titles of “Theta’s Champion” and “Decadex, the Ultimate Oracle” will receive exclusive Sigmadex Treasure Chests. Details about the contents of these Treasure Chests will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!

Upon the program’s launch, every community member will start as a “Sigma’s Scout.” As we develop the program, expect more tiers, more prizes, and more ways to be part of the Sigmadex community. This is just the start of an exhilarating journey.

Never before has being a part of our Telegram community been so rewarding! With our Sigmadex Syndicate, your hard work, dedication, and support will be recognized and compensated. So, why wait?

Join us today and start accumulating those points!

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