SDEX.js is the native JavaScript library which allows developers to build robust DeFi applications on top of the Sigmadex Protocol.

The library features a solid architecture, which enables developers to seamlessly integrate functionality and obtain Sigmadex data for use in their own centralized or decentralized applications. By default, we have conveniently pre-configured for basic usability while also providing the flexibility for software developers to perform more complex tasks if necessary.

Sigmadex' entire suite of contracts will eventually be accessible through the SDEX.js library. This includes governance, liquidity injection, insurance, staking, lending and more.

Current functionality will be limited in the current alpha version to the following:

  • Interaction with the Sigmadex base smart contracts
  • Time liquidity locking
  • Withdrawing liquidity
  • Accessing several public data points

Stay tuned for more information on the SDEX.js library as development continues.