This article is intended to provide clarity on some common questions that have arisen following over 12,000 unique sSDEX claims made on the Avalanche network.

2022 was a pivotal year for not only blockchain technology, but the crypto sector as a whole. Sigma Labs faced the need to make intensive decisions in order to adapt to significant changes in the market.

Why is Etherscan not showing sSDEX in my token drop down?

sSDEX is not your typical tradable asset. It can be viewed only by querying the smart contract faucet as all records are stored in an array on the blockchain. If you visit the claim page and connect your wallet, you will see the correct balance associated to your connected wallet.

What does sSDEX do?

sSDEX is a reward which is given out by Sigma DeFi applications like Sigmadex. With SigmaFi, you can generate liquid rewards in the future by choosing a transformation method that aligns with your risk tolerance.

What is the difference between sSDEX and SDEX?

The primary difference is that SDEX can be exchanged for another asset instantaneously while sSDEX cannot. It must pass through in the SigmaFi ecosystem to become SDEX.

When can I transform sSDEX to SDEX?

We are currently developing SigmaFi which will allow for the transformation of sSDEX to native SDEX tokens. All credited sSDEX holders will be able to connect their wallet and use their sSDEX at mainnet launch. Network deployment will be announced as we get closer to minting SDEX.

Can I bridge my sSDEX to other networks?

Bridging is a complex task that requires careful attention to security and liquidity. We will explore bridging opportunities as we cooperate with more L1 partners. There will be chances to obtain sSDEX across multiple networks before the SigmaFi launch.

Which networks will have sSDEX claims?

We anticipate claiming events on the following EVM based networks in the near future:

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Ethereum

These other networks will follow:

  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Fantom

Stay tuned for more updates coming this upcoming week ✔