Today in our contributor spotlight series, we focus on venture capital firm Hillrise Ventures. The Sigmadex team has received meaningful support from Hillrise and found the team to be very knowledgeable in the blockchain industry. Sigmadex is looking forward to growing and working with the Hillrise team.

Based primarily in Australia, Hillrise focuses on Web3 startups and has an eye for strong emerging projects. To find out more about Hillrise Group, we spoke with Daniel Dal Bello for a brief Q&A to share with our community.

What is the driving philosophy behind Hillrise Group?
Hillrise Group is an independent venture capital and consulting firm comprising both Hillrise Ventures and Hillrise Research, two distinct brands supporting emerging Web3 startups.

We are hands-on with our support. The driving philosophy behind our work is that we are users and supporters first and foremost.

We support passionate teams and founders creating real world value within the Web3 ecosystem.

What do you think the future of DeFi will look like in 10 years?
We’re now seeing more staples from TradFi as well as more complex securitization products bridging across into DeFi. The space is growing quickly and with it is the scope and sophistication of products coming to market.

Looking that far into the future is difficult. However, we would expect to see a convergence between what is the norm in TradFi and what DeFi can provide in a decentralized and permissionless way.

Why have you chosen to be part of crypto-startups as opposed to traditional startups?
Web3 is a new frontier and our team is excited about what this technology can bring to an increasingly global and connected world. Additionally, the blockchain and crypto-space allows us to be more involved partners with our areas of expertise. We can have much more impact and be a part of a community connected to our portfolio companies.

Why did you contribute to Sigmadex?
Sigmadex brings together several interesting components, theories and tools into a single platform with gamification as a very exciting additive.

We see gamification and game theory generally as a great tool to create a robust token economy. This is especially relevant when it comes to token launches where stakeholders want to have their interests front and center. Gamification allows for the balancing of stakeholder interests in a token with a predetermined or dynamic ruleset.

Sigmadex has the team and vision to bring a new product to the DeFi market. The direction with synthetic assets with regard to capital efficiency is an exciting piece of the puzzle.

What impact do you believe Sigmadex will have in the long term?
We are not very big on predictions, but we do believe that the Sigmadex team is uniquely positioned to capture market share, to expand and grow, and continue fine tuning their products in a highly competitive DEX market.

As supporters, we’re very excited to have the opportunity to work closely with the team who have shown their passion for the upcoming Sigmadex ecosystem.