We believe gamification will drive the next bull market and its integration into DeFi will be responsible for on-boarding the next wave of new users. Capitalizing on this narrative is our core focus of implementation into both Sigmadex and its upcoming token launch.

There is a lack of novel go-to-market methods when it comes to token launches. Many do the same mundane methods which end up in the same bottomless drought. Sigma Labs aims to solidify and engineer a strategy that has never been attempted before. In the coming weeks we are excited to share our blueprint for introducing our native token into the ecosystem during this volatile market we are witnessing.

Reduction in Contributor Vesting

In order to stay ahead of the curve and effectively adapt to market changes, it is crucial for us to make modifications that are informed by insights gained from forecasting the future at the current standpoint. By carefully examining trends, analyzing data, and anticipating shifts in the industry, we can make strategic adjustments to optimize results for new liquidity entering the market.

In the case of our legacy vesting proposals, it is important to note that we may not longer require long vesting periods for early contributors. While vesting periods can be beneficial in certain situations, such as ensuring long-term commitment and alignment of interests, they may not always be necessary or the most effective approach.

We feel that the decision to implement vesting periods should be evaluated as time elapses and markets mature, taking into consideration factors such as the nature of the project, the goals of the contributors, and the overall dynamics of the market. Flexibility and adaptability are key in navigating the ever-evolving crypto landscape, and striking the right balance between foresight and practicality is essential in effectively responding to market changes. Details regarding these changes are actively being discussed internally and will be revealed soon.

What to Expect

Sigmadex boasts a robust integration of game theory components that permeate its core. From meticulously crafted reward mechanisms to the ingenious implementation of a fully gamified options-like incentivization system within SigmaFi, the platform thrives on the principles of engagement. By artfully blending game theory elements, Sigmadex ensures a captivating user experience, enticing active participation, and creating a dynamic environment within the realm of decentralized finance. This thoughtful integration of game theory components establishes Sigmadex as a cutting-edge platform, pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards for immersive and rewarding interactions in the crypto ecosystem.

Our ultimate vision is to now strategically gamify the launch phase. We have the aim of achieving widespread adoption and active participation, all while prioritizing the stability of the native token ecosystem. We recognize the importance of building long-term confidence among our users and stakeholders. By infusing gamification into the launch process, we seek to create an engaging and rewarding experience that encourages mass adoption, promotes community involvement, and lays the foundation for a resilient, liquid and sustainable ecosystem. Our commitment to ecosystem stabilization ensures that we establish a solid framework that instills trust and confidence, paving the way for long-term success and growth.


At present, our team is actively curating a comprehensive quarterly roadmap that aligns all aspects of our operations in scope, with a particular focus on product deployment and a successful token release in the near future. This meticulous process involves planning, strategizing, and coordination across various teams and departments within our organization. We aim to carefully outline key milestones, development targets, marketing initiatives, and community engagement efforts that will contribute to the overall success of our product launch and token release. By establishing this clear roadmap, we can ensure effective milestones, efficient resource allocation, and seamless execution of our plans.

This proactive approach will enable us to create a solid blueprint, stay on track, adapt to any potential challenges, and ultimately deliver a product and token release that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our community and stakeholders.

We encourage you to take notes and stay tuned as we navigate these exciting times ahead!