In the last month, we have made significant progress in refining the first version of Sigmadex. This version we are anticipating will enable users to access the most competitive pricing for assets across multiple EVM chains while simultaneously earning sSDEX rewards. These rewards can be utilized on the SigmaFi protocol to generate even more rewards, creating a more seamless and rewarding user experience.

Notable Accomplishments

  • WalletConnect into existing framework
  • Ankr RPC integration
  • Revised branding assets
  • Contracts testing and hardening

March To Do:

  • Structure liquidity injection for SDEX
  • Build revised marketing assets
  • Prepare for aggregator deployment

Aside from development, our focus also remains on expanding internal relationships to fill gaps in our launch checklist. As we continue to progress we will release details regarding the mainnet deployment of Sigmadex and subsequently SigmaFi.

Market Insight

We foresee a shift towards higher quality cryptocurrencies, driven by sustainable tokenomics and product market fit for early-stage projects, as well as the maturity of ecosystems and relative market liquidity as indicators of healthy long-term growth. We anticipate investors prioritizing cryptocurrencies with established and sustainable fundamentals, leading to increased demand for these assets. This shift towards higher quality reflects a growing focus on the long-term potential and viability of cryptocurrencies in the broader financial landscape.