Last month we announced the launch of the Sigmadex Envoy Program to our community and were overwhelmed with the number of responses we've received. We knew our community was supportive but couldn't have imagined the amount of skilled and passionate applicants who come forward to advocate for Sigmadex.

Sigmadex Envoys

Although we are unable to onboard every applicant we want to thank everyone who reached out to us through this program, we truly appreciate your support.

Our intent for our Envoy Program is to build a unique team of skilled individuals who all share a passion for DeFi and cryptocurrency to help spread the word about Sigmadex.

In order to establish an exceptional team we are vetting our applicants based on several different metrics and qualifications to determine the right fit. Our intention is to contact the successful applicants within the next couple of weeks. We look forward to working with you!

Creating Community

The community is the beating heart of Sigmadex. The enthusiasm of our supporters is the fuel that keeps our team working hard at making Sigmadex a  revolutionary protocol. We continue to utilize our community for ideas on how to enhance the Sigmadex protocol. From the smallest user interface change to the largest protocol dynamic we are staying true to our philosophy and striving for the best quality possible for the project.

We want Sigmadex to captivate the interest of the market in seeing the opportunities this powerful protocol can provide. In essence we are building Sigmadex for everyone, not just those with the most capital. Sigmadex is a safe and easy to use platform that will benefit all users and intends to provide a long term solution to the various problems found on many of the leading exchanges. With lots of work ahead we are more excited than ever to be on this journey and eagerly await the day that we can share Sigmadex with the world. We would love it for you to join us on this journey!