Sigmadex was designed to be an easy-to-use protocol for everyone to enjoy, no matter the skill level or knowledge of cryptocurrencies. In order to achieve this goal we have been building a user experience that will enable both long-term and short-term traders to capitalize on the many features other protocols do not have.

Aside from the robust protocol the user experience is an important component of Sigmadex’s development as it is the focal point of use. With global appeal, Sigmadex welcomes users with a wide variety of knowledge and experience in the crypto space from newcomers all the way to experts.

Getting Started

Learning a new user interface can be daunting especially when money is concerned. To remedy the fear and frustration of learning a new interface we’ve carefully considered the best possible way to comfort our new users and create an experience easily accessible by all. The Sigmadex user interface has everything you need all in one place, with clear visibility while being easily comprehendible. Having a wide variety of features readily available will allow users to harness complete control over their actions on the Sigmadex protocol in a way that allows confident decision-making.

Users will quickly realize the ease of use that is foundationally built into Sigmadex. By removing the complexity of what happens behind the scenes deep within the protocol itself users can focus on what really matters.


From start to finish our design team deliberated on a number of different parts of the user journey when crafting our user interface. By approaching the design of the Sigmadex user experience carefully we have determined a number of critical components.

Researching Users

Researching who will be using Sigmadex was the starting point for engineering the Sigmadex user experience. By getting in tune with potential users we could begin outlining potential concepts for how to best craft a useful experience. Since DeFi has exploded with popularity in recent years we contemplated how to create a relevant solution for a range of users.

User Goals

The next step in the process is exploring the potential goals of a user regardless of their knowledge or expertise in crypto. By establishing these goals we could then expand outward throughout the design process. The benefit of establishing user goals allows the user experience to naturally establish a potential workflow. With so many possibilities and outcomes available on Sigmadex aligning these goals with the capabilities of the protocol itself was a key factor in engineering the user experience.

Users need to be able to find their way through the Sigmadex interface with ease while having the most necessary information at their disposal. By exploring the goals of our users we could architect pathways of navigation as well as refine the functionality of various components along the way. To be sure these pathways communicate properly the interaction of various interface components also requires careful attention to detail.

Front End to Back End

Another critical component of the Sigmadex user experience is a successful connection between the user and their experience. By connecting our front end to our smart contracts, we can allow a conduit of valuable information to be displayed while also removing the complex nature of interacting with the blockchain manually. Since every user experience starts with this critical connection it is important to create a solid foundation so everyone can participate.

DeFi is Taking Over

The total number of DeFi users is showing no signs of slowing down as indicators show a strong and steady flow of new users as global adoption has increased. The total number of DeFi users is rapidly cresting the 4,000,000 mark which means the importance of a well crafted user experience becomes an evermore critical component.

Increase in DeFi users Source: Dune Analytics

Forecasting on the basis of this chart would suggest that 1,000,000 users are joining DeFi every four months which is a massive achievement for the DeFi space as a whole.

When you are dealing with millions of users from all around the world, a positive experience is absolutely necessary. As Sigmadex is poised for global adoption we deeply understand the need to build a user experience that keeps users engaged by building trust through a enjoyable user experience.