Our team has now completed all of the user experience components required for seamless integration and future protocol updates. Now that these elements are done we can expect much faster development times moving forward. By end of the weekend we expect our claim drop and release vault to be connected to the new storybook UI assets and ready for deployment.

✅ Completed

  • Storybook migration
  • Button component/variants
  • Input component/variants
  • Global typography
  • Responsive navigation bar/items
  • Modals
  • Icons
  • Layouts
  • Home (Protocol Statistics)
  • Claim sSDEX
  • Stake to Farm NFTs
  • Stake to Earn APY
  • Positions
  • Wallet

For the month of September we will have a development focus on the following items in chronological order:

  • Finalizing logic behind the fair launch liquidity transformer
  • Deployment of the ERC20 SDEX token on C-Chain mainnet
  • Minor vault upgrades to reflect ROI
  • Distribution of contributor SDEX to vaults
  • Proxy connector contract audit/deployment
  • NFT liberty pool audit/deployment

sSDEX Event

We will be releasing the sSDEX claim drop this September with a discussion on our forum commencing this weekend. The sSDEX event will enable legacy AVAX holders and newcomers to experience SigmaFi risk-free while building a community of game theory and DeFi enthusiasts. More information on how you can use sSDEX to your advantage will be released in an upcoming post.


Further Updates

We are moving at a rapid pace and will continue to update the community with our development progress and expected timeline for the minting of SDEX. Sigma Labs is in the thick of our development and expect to continue to maintain milestone achievements week over week.