As you may have noticed, the crypto markets have taken a shock over the last 72 hours. This is normal in any market when excitement levels are at an extreme.

Fortunately this shock will have little effect on Sigmadex in the short term, and will not affect us at all in the long term.

Managing Risk

Foundation treasury had little to no downward impact as the core team deemed holding crypto assets much too risky being this late in the market cycle. The decision that was made is based on the same formulas used in our Sigma Risk Index for assessing the current state of the market. 📉

We are happy to see our technology assist with making reliable market decisions and excited to have our community be able to use our data sets in the near future.

What to Expect

We will see some liquidity dry up and a downward trend in hype which isn't necessarily negative. Projects with no real use case and minimal token utility will struggle to stay relevant. Sigmadex on the other hand is not solely reliant on hype to achieve its goals in becoming a prominent liquidity protocol.

How Sigmadex is Different

SDEX is engineered in multiple ways to appreciate with adoption (no different than Bitcoin). Educating newcomers on the token utility, purpose, concept and ease of use is key for mass involvement.

  • Low fully diluted market cap
  • Multiple staking incentives
  • Penalties for not fulfilling contracts
  • Attractive interest rates
  • NFTs tied to true utility
  • Deflationary mechanics

Our Roadmap Ahead

Timing the market is not an easy task however, we are always optimistic for the crypto space as a whole. Its been a 13 year bullrun for Bitcoin and we are confident that the trend will continue.

Sigmadex being in a class of its own and backed by several leading VCs will enable us to propel Sigmadex to the top 100 regardless of the state of the market.

Avoiding the Noise

Negative price action does not always have to be attributed to bad news. The growth in the market over the past 5 months have been immense and could very well be the reason for the recent pullback. Taking profit in any market is healthy and will reduce downward pressure over time as the assets change hands.


Peter Danihel // Roland Haggins // Gordon Breckenridge
Sigmadex Co-Founders

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