Building the Sigma product suite is a heavy lift, fortunately we’re not alone.

Over the past year we have built an outstanding team with their own strengths and development experience that we are extremely proud of. In order to help us prepare for the growth that we are expecting we've had to be meticulous on recruiting the right fit to execute on our goals.

Front End Development

The front end development team is focused on refining the user experience throughout the platform as we work towards our launch of the SDEX token. Consistency and quality is a top priority for both Sigmadex and SigmaFi therefore our UI library needs to be on point. This will help with design/component consistency across the different Sigma Smart Contracts, it will also reduce technical debt and development time moving forward since all these components will now be called-in, rather than coded each time from scratch. All back-end logic can be effortlessly added on top afterwards.

This first week of August we are looking towards accomplishing the following front-end design implementations:

  • Setting up Storybook
  • Button component/variants
  • Input component/variants
  • Global typography
  • Responsive navigation bar/items

We have created Sigma products for people who want to enter a stable generation of DeFi designed specifically for sustaining time through game theory elements. Over the past few months we’ve done extensive R&D with numerous developers, organizations and founders to incorporate as many key functionalities as possible.

Smart Contract Development

Two major technical components remain before we can launch SDEX into the wild. We encourage enthusiasts to keep an eye on the following repositories as we complete the last batch of heavy lifting:

  • APY Minting Contract
    Locks SDEX over a selected period of time to mint an APY NFT for future use in a Liberty Pool.
  • Emission Contract (Liberty Pool)
    Increases the total supply of SDEX relative to a persons APY NFT and SDEX stake in the contract.
GitHub - Sigmadex/sigfi-nft-minter: SigmaFi APY NFT Minter
SigmaFi APY NFT Minter. Contribute to Sigmadex/sigfi-nft-minter development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - Sigmadex/sigfi-apy-earning: SigmaFi Emission Contracts
SigmaFi Emission Contracts. Contribute to Sigmadex/sigfi-apy-earning development by creating an account on GitHub.


Sigma Labs will succeed with products that are upgraded/maintained by our community of enthusiasts and collectively adopted by the masses. This is why we have taken the extra steps to ensure what we are creating has the opportunity to disrupt the continually expanding cryptocurrency and DeFi industries.

See everyone at next weeks update!