During the month of April, we focused on refining key sustainability points for our dual token ecosystem, aggregator, and upcoming bug bounty. Additionally, we dedicated time to carefully crafting a value outline for our prospective protocol users.

Over the next upcoming weeks, we are expecting to harden our marketing assets as we are preparing to start building awareness for our aggregator release milestone. Our team is in the process of developing a comprehensive plan to achieve our desired liquidity outcome.

The sSDEX reward model has undergone significant revisions. This is because the reimbursement of gas fees only proved attractive on a few less efficient networks. For instance, networks such as Fantom have Proof-of-Stake as their core consensus model, and the fees on such networks are insufficient to make rewards worthwhile, thus reducing their appeal.

Changes We've Made:

  • Set sSDEX rewards based on transactional volume (bigger tx, bigger reward)
  • Rewards earned on any network can be transferred across supported networks
  • Time unlock modifications to the contributor vaults

Volume Based Rewards

The more a user engages with the Sigma ecosystem, the more rewards they can earn. These rewards are not only a reflection of a user's level of engagement, but also provide an incentive for continued participation. The size of a user's transaction will dictate the amount of rewards they will receive per transaction. By actively participating in the Sigma ecosystem and consistently using Sigma products, users can further their opportunity to .

LayerZero Implementation

When users utilize Sigma products on independent networks, they will earn rewards that can be transferred and used on other networks. This cross-network functionality allows users to maximize the benefits of their rewards across a variety of platforms.

Contributor Vault Changes

With our introduction of SDEX at this time in the market, we've decided to reorganize our time release value of tokens based on current technical and fundamental analysis. This allows for fairness and enables liquidity to balance itself out based on future forecasts.

Organization Flow

Sigma Labs pivot to a DeFi organization has opened doors to creating an entire ecosystem that can grow in multiple directions. The rewards engine which will be integrated into all products moving forward will provide the necessary incentives to keep user retention high.

As noted in the flow above, Sigmadex has 2 different reward mechanisms:

  • Performing a simple swap will yield rewards based on the size of the trade
  • Locking SDEX LP will allow for farming an APY NFT based on how long LP is locked

Rewards can then be used on SigmaFi to earn liquid SDEX:

Liquidity Introduction

After years of intensive development, restructuring and meticulous planning, the Sigmadex team is excited to announce that we are on the cusp of the mainnet release of our groundbreaking platform. The launch of the mainnet represents a major milestone in the Sigmadex journey, and we are thrilled to bring this innovative platform to the DeFi space.